Holiday De-stressing

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At a time of year filled with family, it’s a weird feeling to want to get away from it all and de-stress. But it happens to the best of us. Keep these quick methods in mind the next time you feel your blood pressure rise and your head start to pound.

Don't be this girl.


It may seem like an odd suggestion for a time when you want to be completely alone, but get together with a friend that never fails to make you laugh. Avoid those debbie downers at all costs, and soon you’ll be laughing yourself out of it. If you really don’t want to be around a close friend, go see a movie–a comedy, of course. It doesn’t matter if you go solo, no one can see you once it starts anyway. Being around a bunch of people who don’t share you exact stress will help get rid of it.

Fresh Air

It helps, really. The chilly weather and snow flurries will take you out of your foul mood and straight into a freeing chill. There’s just something about being able to see your breath in the air. If it doesn’t relax you, at least it’ll take your mind off of your object and stress, and into trying to keep you warm. Just having a destination to get to (the wonderful outdoors) will bring the urgency away from that gnawing stress and into the goal.

Write Lists

They can be about anything. A to-do list, a “what to buy people for Christmas” list, a countdown to the end of finals in a list form–the possiblities are endless. Seeing your worries on a piece of paper make them seem less intimidating.

These are just three easy things to incorporate into your days–minus my constant suggestion to meditate–that will immediately take your stress level down a notch. Here are a few things not to do:

...Or this girl.


Black Friday stress is different than holiday stress. It’s a time for family and relaxation, but don’t chug down that whole bottle of wine. ‘Tis the season to share the wealth.

Vent (too much)

Sure, getting it out in the open helps. But this isn’t the time to do it. If you need to call a close family member to get it out once, and leave it. Don’t let it come back and aggravate you. Everyone is feeling a little tense around the holidays, so be mindful.

Lose Sleep

This is the worst thing you can do–it’ll just make things worse. Make sure to sleep when you’re tired, even if it is 6 p.m. and only an hour after your holiday feast. Don’t push yourself, you’ll just regret it once you have to get back in the swing of things.




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